Why Choose York & Reynen Homes? Family

Are you in the market for a new home? Maybe you have read some of our previous blogs on why a new home is more desirable and surprisingly more affordable, after hidden costs, than a lived in home. Buying a home of any kind is a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. Besides the location, price, features, and overall style of the home, the people who designed and fabricated your home should play an integral part in your decision making process. So that is why I’m taking the time today to tell you why you should choose a Y&R Homes over the rest of the competition. The simple answer is because, it is from our family to yours.

With all the homebuilders to choose from in the Northern Nevada and Tahoe region, the decision can be overwhelming. For the thorough homebuyer more than just the usual specifications should be incorporated into the home buying process. The builder you choose for instance, is a central aspect of so much that goes into your home and should not be overlooked. Are they just another large national builder, or are they a privately owned builder with limited means? At Y&R we are proud to say we are neither, but rather the best of both worlds. Our motto is, “Small Enough to Listen, BIG Enough to Deliver.” We have the same warranties as any large national firm, but the difference is we will handle any warranty issue you may have with any of our subcontractors or vendors. Therefore, when a national builder says you have to go through Badger to fix your garbage disposal, Y&R’s response to the same situation would be, “We’ll handle that for you!” Not to mention, you can count on us interacting with a smile and a personal salutation.

Sounds too good to be true? Well here’s why it’s not; we are family run, and your family can trust ours. The “R” in Y&R stands for the name Reynen. Reynen and Bardis Homes was founded by John Reynen, the youngest of nine siblings all born and raised on a small potato farm in Hollendale, Minnesota. Being the youngest of nine siblings, if anybody knows what family is about, it is John Reynen. John Reynen has over 40 years of homebuilding experience with a tumultuous yet sterling track record. Y&R Homes was founded by John, his son Christo, and his Son-In-Law Chris York. Laura York, Christo’s sister, oversees sales and design for the company (full bios here). Starting in 2009 with just two lots, Y&R has steadily grown to fulfill the aspiration of building 10 custom and spec homes a year. We have a few handfuls of customers who have bought our homes that we all address on a first name basis. We have taken the insight from John’s years of experience in production building and applied that to making one of a kind hand crafted custom homes. So for us, you the potential homebuyer, are much more than a spreadsheet tally. We know you want the best for your family, and that is what we want for you, which is why you should choose a Y&R Home. We personally oversee every aspect of the build and we continue to look after you long after you have moved in.

More on the come back story of Y&R in next weeks blog.