Why Choose York & Reynen Homes? Family. Part 2

“Small Enough to Listen, BIG Enough to Deliver.” Y&R’s motto. As a continuation of last weeks blog I wanted to inform you a bit more about Y&R’s history. Our motto fits us well. We feel that we are able to fill the niche of a small custom home builder that fits in between the corporate goliath who takes your order and forgets about you and your cousin John who starts the job in September and is still working on it today. We have taken on jobs both large and small and completed all of them timely and with a stellar track record. Speaking of track records, did you know we have a silent partner with over 45 years of homebuilding experience under his belt? That’s right, John Reynen, previously mentioned in last weeks blog, has been building some kind of dwelling since the 1960’s, whether it be town homes, apartments, or single family homes. You could say he has a surplus of homebuilding knowledge that is always a great resource for our company. As much as John loves to build, the building times are not always good. And thus, this is a bit of a comeback story. It is not a secret that Reynen & Bardis suffered enormously in the housing crash of 2008. In fact, the company, one of the largest privately owned builders in the country, went bankrupt. At 71 years of age John Reynen saw much of what he worked for his entire life taken away. But with great pride I can attest, John assessed the situation and with his head held high he faced his financial burden head on, and without question or hesitation, he informed all his constituents that he was facing bankruptcy. An honorable thing to do in a litigious period when lawyers can act as saviors for wounded giants. One memorable quote of John’s that epitomizes his sense of humor and eternal optimism was his response when asked about this tough time? he said,

“I feel like I’m swimming around in the toilet bowl of life, and every time I swim to the top again I get flushed back down to where I started.” — John Reynen

Fast forward to early 2010 with bankruptcy finalized, John, Christo, Chris, and Laura sat down to speculate about the home market and our potential role in it. One thing I learned from John’s experience was eternal optimism. With this spirit we have formed a company that will hopefully never have to endure the market swings that John has seen in his 45 years of homebuilding. This optimism helps in the daily rigors of hand building your house. That’s right, homebuilding is in the fleeting category of handmade goods. Unlike computers, purses, shoes, cars, and numerous other commodities, one home takes over fifty people to create by hand. From planning and permitting to construction, a home is built on communication, cooperation, and strategic planning. So when you choose your builder, you should consider the people who have spent the last two hundred and fifty days of the year planning and constructing your house. Are you going to pick a national builder who may have a system in place, but surely doesn’t have lines of communication open from upper management all the way down through the ranks to the final detailer? Or will you select a builder who has some heart, is hungry to earn your trust, and has an enormous amount of pride in craftsmanship. Even in the face of hardship my father once told me, “son there’s always another deal to be made.” It is this kind of optimism, and this kind of confidence that we bring to your home build. We want our next deal to be with you, and we want it to be the deal that puts you in your “forever” home.