Need a Reason to Move to Northern Nevada? Try the Schools

Not only does moving to Northern Nevada have all the benefits you may have read about here, but by moving here you are surrounded by schools that rank highly on a national scale. According to 4 of Northern Nevada’s school districts rank in the top 25% in the Nation out of 8736 school districts. According to the same study by Niche, Reno alone has 3 high schools in the top 10% in the nation out of over 14,000, as well as another 2 high schools in the top 25%. Northern Nevada is also home several colleges, one of them being a Tier 1 University, the University of Nevada, Reno.

School Districts

When moving you might want to check out the School Districts and how they compare before you make your final decision on where to move. Northern Nevada has 4 school districts that rank in the top 25% in the nation:

  • Eureka Country School District (Ranked: 522/8736, Top 5.9%)
  • Douglas County School District (Rank: 1088/8736, Top 12.4%)
  • Washoe County School District (Rank: 2055/8736, Top 23.5%)
  • Storey County School District (Rank: 2090/8736, Top 23.9%)

Carson City ranks closely to these coming in just above the top 25%, ranking 2326/8736 falling in the top 26.6% of all school districts. You might be interested in what Clark County School District, which contains Las Vegas, comes in at. Well Clark County ranks 4570/8736 or the top 52.3%.

High Schools

The most important 4 years of your child’s life come during high school because it starts preparing them for the future, whether it be jobs or college. So moving to a place with great high schools should help make your decision. Reno has 5 high schools that rank in the top 25% of all public high schools in the nation, 3 of those being in the top 10%:

  • Truckee Meadows Community College High School (Rank: 835/Over 14,000, Top 5.9%)
  • Reno High School (Rank: 942/Over 14,000, Top 6.7%)
  • Galena High School (Rank: 1209/Over 14,000 Top 8.6%)
  • Robert McQueen High School (Rank: 2270/Over 14,000, Top 16.2%)
  • Spanish Springs High School (Rank: 3375/Over 14,000, Top 24.1%)


If you’re moving to Nevada and you have kids or want to have kids, you will at some point think about putting them through college. Living in Northern Nevada you have the option of a few community colleges and a Tier 1 University, the University of Nevada, Reno. If you decide to send your child to UNR, by living in Nevada, you will be granted in-state tuition which gives your child a quality education for a much more affordable price, especially compared to California schools. However, if you choose to send your child to a community college instead, there are a few to choose from:

  • Truckee Meadows Community College, Located in Reno, NV
  • Desert Research Institute, Located in Reno, NV
  • Western Nevada College, Located in Carson City, NV
  • Great Basin College, Located in Elko, NV

If you move to Northern Nevada you will have quality school districts, high schools, and colleges to send your kids to, which will provide them with a good education and opportunities for the future, which you may not find anywhere else.