Laura Mahan York

Managing partner Laura Mahan-York is the head of Innovative Custom Homes’ sales division with 15 years of experience. She has worked with large production builders and is excited to be involved in a small family run operation. Being able to deliver a home that she has helped in the decision and design process is a new found joy in her life. With her years of experience and being a mother of five children she adds an ideal insight into the wants and wishes of the home buyer. Her insight is an invaluable tool in the design process that allows Innovative Custom Homes to implement subtle design features that greatly improve the feng shui and the overall livability of the house. With an eye for color and texture, Laura also is ingrained with the overall design of the homes from start to finish, both inside and out. This intimate relationship with the design and construction process makes her the perfect liaison between builder and buyer. When Laura is not looking at carpet swatches and blueprints, she can be found hiking about the Reno countryside with three huskador puppies.