Christo Reynen

Managing partner Christo Reynen is involved in all aspects of the building process.  With a degree in fine art and communications, Christo adds an artistic element to the design and marketing team. Believing in teamwork and team building, Christo tries to incorporate a large pool of resources to improve every part of the building process. Directly out of college Christo got his feet wet in the building business by working as a final detailer for Reynen and Bardis Homes, his father’s family run business.  After seeing the production process, Christo wanted to use those same principals to create a higher end custom division. With his father as his partner, he created Vista Homes and went to work. Vista Homes helped make El Dorado Hills what it is today, defining upscale living with cutting edge appliances and home systems.  With the demise of the building market in 2007, Vista Homes was pleased to sell its last few houses and enter a dormant state. During this time Christo was able to pursue a masters degree in Art in Public Places, melding his two favorite loves and enabling him to further his expertise. Christo has a love for nature and with this love comes a desire to implement new green technologies into the building process whenever possible. Christo’s naturalistic character has led him to be a back-country adventurer, a former Junior Olympic skier, a sculptor, and a spear fisherman. Christo has a strong passion for the arts, which greatly influences his work at Innovative Custom Homes.