Chris York

Chris York has 20 years of homebuilding experience.  He has been certified by the American Society for Quality Building since 1997. He has devoted much of his time to participate on the Board of Directors for Builders Association of Northern Nevada. Chris has learned over the years that spending time in the strategy phase of pre-construction is an invaluable process that aids in efficiency and quality of building.  This is a testament to his character, being a true thinker and having a great interest in systems and operations. Chris’ background is in production building and has built over a hundred homes, 15 custom homes, several patios, many remodels, and even a man-cave or two.  Despite his scientific approach to building, Chris feels that building is truly an art form and that the people he builds for are the best part of his job.  Chris is a family man, having raised five children of his own, and knows how to build the kind of homes that will hold up to years of family use and abuse. When not ingrained in the building process you can find Chris rocking out on his guitar, out on the links, or hauling in a fish or two. A high stakes game of pinochle, cribbage, or poker is up his alley as well.